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Imperial Topaz Tumbles

Imperial Topaz Tumbles

New in at La Luna are this lil golden Imperial Topaz tumbles...


Reach for and work with this crystal to boost abundance, creativity and manifestations.


Key words: Abundance, connection, energy, manifestation, will power

Chakras: Solar, sacral, base, crown

Element: Air

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Birthstone: November


Imperial / Golden Topaz Crystal Healing Properties:

A great crystal choice to help activate the lower chakras, which in turn will help boost personal will and the ability to manifest our desires. This golden crystal will also help activate the Crown Chakra, helping to direct our energy into form and connect with our source. Boosts abundance, creativity and spirituality.

Great for helping to recharge us when feeling depleted, both spiritually and physically, by bringing in energies of faith, optimism and self confidence and worth. Reach for and work with this crystal when you need to overcome limitations, achieving your fullest and highest potential, whilst guiding you to recognise your own abilities, bringing recognition and the right people to help you on this path.


Topaz History and Uses:

The name Topaz may derive from Topazos, a word meaning 'to seek', the other possible derivation of the name is the Sanskrit word tapaz, which means 'fire'. In current metaphysical thought, Topaz is viewed as emanating a variety of beneficial energies, varying according to the type and colour. Believed to be first discovered in Germany, 1737 and then again in Brazil in the 1740s.

Topaz was renowned as a crystal with healing properties long before Europe’s appreciation of the gemstone as an allegory of status and wealth. For centuries the gemstone was shrouded in various myths held by different kingdoms, some of them were popular like the Ancient Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra had created the beautiful yellow hues resulting in the stone’s power to protect the wearer.

The Ancient Romans on the other hand did not share these beliefs, but they did believe that the crystal could protect the owner from poison.

Topaz also held great importance in nineteenth century Russia as at that time the Ural Mountains were the gemstone’s leading source and the pink topaz mined there was named to honour the Russian czar. The ownership of the gem was highly restricted to the use of the royal family only. 


Topaz Geological Description:

Topaz is an aluminium silicate fluoride hydroxide mineral that belongs to the silicate class of minerals. Its crystal structure is orthorhombic, and it frequently forms prismatic crystals, often eight sided with striations along the length. The crystals are transparent to translucent with a adamantine to vitreous lustre. 

The colours of topaz are created through the deposit in the growing process of other trace minerals. Yellow and Pink topaz are coloured with chromium, Blue topaz is coloured with iron, Brown topaz is coloured with manganese and the Orange and Red topaz are coloured with phosphorus. 

Topaz is found in Brazil, Pakistan, USA, Russia and  Mexico.


    Being a natural product, each Imperial Topaz crystal will vary slightly in colour, size and shape making each piece uniquely beautiful.


    Approx 0.5-1cm in size.

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