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Moss Agate Crescent Moon Ornament

Moss Agate Crescent Moon Ornament

Add a touch of earthy charm to your home decor with La Luna's captivating Moss Agate Crescent Moon Ornament.


Each crescent moon is meticulously carved from stunning Moss Agate, revealing beautiful swirling patterns of green moss and white quartz.


Displayed on golden stands, these ornaments bring a grounding energy to any room, making them the perfect addition for crystal healing in the home. Moss Agate is known as the crystal of new beginnings, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift if you're looking for one.


Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a unique addition to your crystal collection, this ornament is sure to make a lasting impression.


    Pleased note that being hand carved from a natural product, each Moss Agate Crescent Moon Ornament will vary from one to the next, making each piece truly unique.


    Approx 280mm tall.


    Sourced from China.

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