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Uplifting Crystal Candle

Uplifting Crystal Candle

Please note these are currently unlabelled as I work on a new design! Safety label only!!

Uplifting Crystal Infused Candles, small batch made for you by Lights of La Luna.


Created with a plant wax blend based of coconut and soy, fragranced with pure essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon and Lemongrass, infused with Citrine, Opal Aura and Quartz crystals, all to help uplift and enliven the mind as well as the space you choose to light this candle in.


Bergamot essential oil is great for promoting confidence and optimism as well as self acceptance.


Lemon essential oil helps to boost positivity and helps to bring in an energizing effect to your space.


The Lemongrass essential oil really ties these in altogether with its refreshing aroma that brings that enlivening ambience.


Citrine is a crystal of happiness, light and joy.


Quartz is a very energizing crystal that helps bring in mental clarity.


Opal Aura is an uplifting, enjoyment of life crystal.


    Please note that being handmade with natural products, each Uplifting Crystal Infused Candle will vary from one to the next in crystals and patterns, making each one truly unique.


    Two sizes available;

    9cl votive that will burn for approx 20 hours - £7.50

    20cl votive that will burn for approx 55 hours - £15


    Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick between each burn.

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