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Blue Apatite Points

Blue Apatite Points

Introducing La Luna's stunning Blue Apatite Points.


These gorgeous crystals have brilliant range of blues running through them that reflects beautifully with flashes in the light.


Crystals shaped into points are known to concentrate and direct the crystal's energy out into a space via the tip. Blue Apatite is known for its ability to enhance motivation and wisdom, making it a great addition to any crystal collection, but particularly great for the workdesk.


Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of this powerful crystal. Only 5 available.


Keywords: Communication, Intuition, Peace, Protection, Manifestation, Motivation & Wisdom

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye

Element: Air, Wind

Zodiac Sign: Libra, Gemini


Apatite Crystal Healing Properties:

A good crystal for when you need a good boost of motivation and guidance in lighting the way to achieving your goals in life, whatever they may be! An inspirational crystal that can help to bring in creativity and personal power, whilst promoting our awareness for social responsibility. Clears confusion and cleanses the aura, apatite will also help to clear blockages and balance all of the chakras but is particularly beneficial to the throat chakra, meditation with this crystal at the base of the throat  will enhance communication, patience and self expression.  Apatite is said to help those trying to lose weight, believed to help suppress hunger, whilst raising the metabolic rate within. Also can be used for spiritual attunement to raise psychic awareness.


Apatite History and Uses:

The origin of its name lays in ancient Greek mythology (in Greek apatao means ‘deceit’). Indeed this gem has, across time, often ‘deceived’ the human eye; due to its many colours and tonalities, it is often mistaken for a number of other minerals which at a first glance may look similar to it. It’s a fascinating gem for several reasons. Not only is it rare and precious, admired for its balanced lustre, its fluorescence and the occasional ‘cat eye’ refraction, but it is also a powerful healer thanks to its mineral composition (calcium phosphate), which is the same in bones and teeth of most animals, including humans.

It is utilised to heal and strengthen bones, teeth, and ligaments and to help the body absorb calcium (it is in fact particularly indicated in the event of a fractures, osteoporosis or arthritis). It also provides invaluable psychic and emotional support; Apatite is believed to influence our open mindedness and autonomy,  favouring sociability, a sense of trust and optimism. Wearing an Apatite gem will help regenerate our inner energy and reach personal objectives, making us more dynamic and warding off the negativity attracted by confusion, anger and disappointment.

In crystal healing, different varieties of Apatite are associated to different chakras depending on the colour of the gem. These all have

specific healing powers and influence the wellbeing of organs associated to each relevant chakra:

Yellow Apatite influence the third chakra (Manipura), located at the navel, just above the solar plexus. This chakra controls our energy balance and the gem acts on internal organs such as the spleen, colon, liver, stomach and the small intestine. This variety of Apatite is associate to the element of Fire.

Green stones are associated to the fourth chakra (Anahata), found in the middle of the chest, around the heart. These gems influence the physical wellbeing of the heart as well as the realm of feelings and emotions. The elements associated to this variety is Wind (Air) and Earth.

Blue gems are associated to the fifth chakra (Vishudda), located around the throat. For this reason, blue stones are believed to specifically favour our sociability and help improve our verbal communication. Furthermore, blue Apatite gems are also believed to have exceptional properties. These are considered to be extraordinarily spiritual stones, closely linked to the aura which allows a connection to past lives and to the supernatural. The element associated to blue Apatite is Wind (Air).

A peculiarity which makes this gem even more fascinating and unique is that tests on lunar rock samples (collected in 2010 by astronauts during the Apollo program), revealed traces of Apatite.


Apatite Geological Description:

Apatite is the name given to a group of phosphate minerals which include Hydroxylapatite, Chlorapatite, Bromapatite and Fluorapatite, scoring 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Hydroxylapatite is a major building material of tooth enamel and bone mineral. Apatite, though found all over the world, is extensively found as mineral deposits in Russia and Kola, Peninsula. It is found in its blue and purple crystal forms in Ehrenfriedersdorf, Germany. The colorless variation occurs in Austria and Portugal. Gigantic apatite crystal deposits have been mined for industrial purposes in Morocco, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt and Nauru. Apatite uses span across diverse fields and uses of apatite determine the different forms of it that we know - as a mineral, as a gemstone or as apatite crystals.


    Please note that being hand carved from a natural product, each Blue Apatite Point will vary slightly in colours, patterns, size and shape, making each crystal truly unique.


    Approx 60-70mm in size.


    Sourced from Russia.

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