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Geometric Boho Dreamcatchers

Geometric Boho Dreamcatchers

Introducing these gorgous new Geomectric Boho Dreamcatchers at La Luna.


Their colourful and geometric style design creates a mesmerizing focal point, perfect for adorning your walls or windows in your living spaces, bedrooms, or even your meditation corners.


Decorated with beautiful feathers that gently sway with movement or in a breeze, these dreamcatchers help to create a sense of calm and serenity. Feathers can symbolize many things across cultures, such as freedom, honour, protection, strength and wisdom.


Dreamcatchers are mainly known for their ability to help prevent bad dreams and nightmares when hung above your bed, can also be a beautiful addition to your home decor, adding that boho spirit touch. Choose from a circle, diamond or triangle shape. 


Only 3 of each style available.


    Handcrafted with faux suede cord, feathers, metal and wooden beads.


    Sourced from Hong Kong.

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