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Raw Cobra Jasper

Raw Cobra Jasper

So excited to share these gorgeous Raw Cobra Jasper chunks I found on at a warehouse visit!


Keywords: Balance, clarity, focus, empowerment, grounding, healing, protection

Chakras: Root, Sacral

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio


Cobra Jasper Healing Properties:

Cobra Jasper is said to sharpen the senses and your awareness of the world around you. A unique crystal that holds a lot of Primal energy. Helps to calm tempers, promote clarity of the mind and motivates us to stay on track to reach our goals.

Encourages honest introspection and self discovery. Great to reach for when you need help to use your logic over emotional over reacting.


Cobra Jasper History and Uses:

The name Jasper is derived from a Greek word meaning “spotted stone”. There are many types of Jasper with a wide variety of colours and patterns. Such as this colourful crystal, which is named Cobra Jasper on account of its likeness with one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

The orbs in its distinctive snakeskin pattern were created by spherical inclusions of radial aggregates that happen to be needle like accumulations of crystals within the stone.


Cobra Jasper Geological Description

Cobra Jasper is a silicate mineral belonging to the Chalcedony crystals group, a subset of the large Quartz family of crystals. 


    Please note that being a natural product, each Raw Cobra Jasper piece will vary from one to the next in colours, patterns, size and shape, making each crystal truly unique.

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