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Raw Danbruite

Raw Danbruite

New Raw Danbruite crystals at La Luna...


Keywords: Love, gentleness, emotional healing

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: All


Danbruite Crystal Healing Properties:

Danburite is a very high vibrational crystal that activates and aligns the heart and crown chakras together. This unique channel allows us the ability to process any emotions with a clear and conscious mind, while also sharpening our decision making abilities. Simply wearing or carrying this crystal will help reduce stress levels and provide comfort in difficult and confusing times. 

This energy may also activate the higher etheric transpersonal chakras, right up to the fourteen level, and this is known to aid enlightenment in your practices using this crystal.

Making it a wonderful healing crystal as it facilitates the connection to the energies of your healing practices, such as Reiki for example. Channeling into these energies, Danburite brings us into resonance with high-frequency light energy to allow us to gracefully open and receive this energy for service for the highest good of the Earth and all Her inhabitants.

Danburite pushes us to reach resolution, whether it be with ourselves or with others. The connection between the mind and heart will assist in only absorbing positive energy. Helping us to be more in touch with ourselves and the energy around us. This unique trait will help us build a better understanding of negative energies and how to avoid them. Guiding us to truly embody and understand the meaning of “peace of mind”, making it extremely uplifting to the spirit.


Danbruite History and Uses:

This mineral was first discovered in 1839 by Charles Shepard, and named after the location it was found in, Danbury, Connecticut. This locality was never officially documented and became lost in time. It's presumed that the actual city of Danbury was built right on top of the location where it was rumored to be.


Danbruite Geological Description:

Danburite is a calcium boron silicate mineral that forms in small prismatic crystals, similar to Topaz. Its color can range from a white to light yellow, and also a light shade of brown. Very high quality Danburite is colorless and usually transparent. Sometimes it can even be found with a druzy coating of Quartz over it.  

Danburite has been found in Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Myanmar, Japan and Madagascar.


    Please note that being a natural product, each Danbruite crystal varies slightly in colour, size and shape, making each crystal truly unique.


    Available in three sizes and prices, please select which size you want, then check the photo that comes up to ensure you are adding the correct one to your cart.


    Mini pieces £2, approx 10mm in size.

    Small pieces £2.50, approx 15-20mm in size.

    Medium pieces £3, approx 20-30mm in size.


    Sourced from Madagascar.

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