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Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

Fabulous mustard yellows in this batch of Yellow Jaspers, new in at La Luna and only a £1 a piece! Reduced to 50p as only smaller pieces left…


Reach for and work with this crystal when you wish to bring some happy positivity in your life, or when you wish to kick start a detox for yourself...or both ;)


Keywords: Balance, Confidence, Detoxifying, Happiness, Positivity

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Capricorn


Yellow Jasper Crystal Healing Properties:

This is a good go to crystal choice for when you need a pick me up in life, when you're feeling depleted, call in on this crystal's sunshine energies to help boost happiness and positivity in your life. Yellow Jasper is also known to help boost confidence levels, so carry, wear or meditate with this crystal when you want to call in confidence for yourself, be it daily or for specific reasons such as job interviews or performances.

Like all Jaspers, this crystal will help you feel grounded and connection with Mother Earth. Physically, Yellow Jasper is good for digestion and can help bring in a beneficial effect to the immune system as well as boosting the detoxifying organs such as the liver, intestines and stomach.


Yellow Jasper History and Uses:

In many ancient civilisations, Jasper was believed to be heavily charged with mysterious and sometimes contradictory properties. Red Jasper stimulated without being excessive; Yellow Jasper enhanced common sense but also the need for conformity; and Green Jasper of all one colour harmonised gently, yet could change the opinion of even the most stubborn person. Megemont, 100-101].

Jaspers were prized by even the earliest physicians as the most powerful astringents, regulators of metabolism and colic, and strengtheners of the stomach and digestive organs. The Roman physician, Galen, prominent in the first century A.D., always wore a ring set with Jasper, carved in the figure of a man with a bundle of herbs signifying the power to distinguish diseases and stop the flow of blood from any part.

Jasper was considered a sacred stone of protection for shamans of the Native American Indians during their magical practices and in continued adherence to the “old ways.” .

Jasper was ideal for engraving, and from the earliest ages was heavily employed in the glyphic arts of many cultures for its special talismanic virtues.


Yellow Jasper Geological Description:

A dense, opaque variety of chalcedony, Jasper is most often red in colour but can also be yellow, brown, green, or grey.

Jasper gemstones can be found in many locations around the world. Some of the most notable deposits are sourced from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States of America, including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

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